Applying filters

On the left-hand side of the Activities Dashboard, you have 3 filters to help you narrow down messages in the community.

  • Integrations - Choose to filter specific community platforms. You can make multiple selections.

  • Status - Choose to filter based on the status or the type of message posted. The types include - a question, a post with no replies, a post with replies, a post with reactions, and a post without reactions. You can make multiple selections.

  • Channels / Repositories - After filtering out the platforms, the channels/repositories automatically get updated in this section. If you choose to only see Slack for example - all the Slack community channels will be listed here for you to filter with. You can make multiple selections at once.

Responding to messages

On the Activities dashboard, you’ll see all the messages posted in your community as per the filters you’ve set.

For instance - you can filter to see messages without replies only on the Slack community, and reply to those messages. No need to go into Slack or Discord to search for these messages, the response will go as a reply on the respective message thread.

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