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How to Add and Remove Tags from members for better identification

Tags can serve as your own custom filters to be able to better identify members in your community. Learn how you can use them.

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Tags can be used to better identify members of your community. For example - an admin tag represents a member who serves as an administrator in the community.

Similar to sending a Bulk Message, you can define Tags for users and later use that tag in filters and even while automating workflows. You can also think of tagging as an extension of the already customizable Filter feature on the Members dashboard. Tagging gives you the flexibility to define your own categories.

You can also remove tags from members when it’s no longer relevant to them.

Adding Tags to members

After you’ve defined the filters of your choice, you can tag the filtered list of members. Click on Update Tag and then from the drop-down, select Add Tag.

After you click on the Add Tags button, you’ll see the following options on the side panel -

  • Whom to Tag - Filter the list of members whom you to tag. Here, the filters are taken as defined on the main dashboard but you can edit, add, change, and update them as you like.


  • You can upload a .csv of the list of members whom you want to tag.

  • Map a Tag - Select from the drop-down any tag(s) you want and you can make multiple selections. Otherwise, type in the same field, the name you want to give to a new tag you’re creating. Click on ‘Create’ to map that tag to the filtered list of members.

Removing Tags from members

Removing a Tag follows the same process as adding a tag. From the same example as above, if you want to remove a tag that you just added to the filtered list of members, click on the Update tag option and select Remote Tag from the drop-down.

In this case, the tag you select from the drop-down will be removed from the list of members.

Adding and removing tags manually

Threado also gives you an option to add and remove tags from members manually if you want to. You can do this to individual members or make multiple selections.

Simply select the desired member(s) from the check-box you see next to the user(s). Naturally, following this process removes the need for narrowing things down with a filter so the Whom to Tag option is unavailable when you choose to tag members manually.

When you’re manually removing tags, you will see all the common tags between selected members when you go to the Remove Tags option. This applies to individual members as well. You can use this option to manually remove common tags from members or even remove tags from individuals.

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