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Reward top contributors in your community

Using filters to categorize the most active and top contributors in the community.

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Top contributors are the most valuable asset to your community. They are the ones who keep the engagement going, serve as advocates, and keep the quality of interactions always top-notch.

You need to be able to recognize these contributors easily and reward them for their efforts as well as offer gentle encouragements that can help maintain a consistent enthusiasm from them.

From Members CRM, Top contributors can be identified as those who are Level 3 contributors and have been Active in the Last 7 days.

Let's set this filter -

First, filter by active members in the Last 7 days -

Now, add another filter with Level 3 members -

The resulting is a list of members who satisfy both criteria i.e. are the top contributors in your community.

You can choose to send them a Bulk Message and even Add a Tag to them.

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