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Use Discord's member onboarding form to improve communication
Use Discord's member onboarding form to improve communication
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Hot Tip 🔥

It’s not possible to send Bulk messages on Discord communities but there’s a way in which you can communicate information at scale to your members.

You can also use the Member joining form feature to collect emails from the members. Here’s how it works -

1. Create an Onboarding form for your community on Threado from the Discord settings page.

2. Ask members in the community (by announcing on a channel) to register via the link if they want to get important community updates over email.

3. After a few days, download the member directory CSV and setup a mailing list to whom you can then communicate information personally.

Hot Trick 🔥

The logo for the Member joining form is automatically taken from Company details. If you haven’t already added the company settings, you will see an option to update it. Otherwise, you can also navigate to the Company tab under the Settings dashboard.

📌 Note: The name of the company is what’s appended at the end of the Onboarding form link, so it’s recommended that you add something meaningful here i.e. the name of your company 🙂

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