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Send Tokens to appreciate valuable community members
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Hot Tip 🔥

You can send tokens to individual members. This feature is independent of the pre-defined token system which gives members tokens based on their engagement metrics.

Sending tokens separately to individual members can be a way to express gratitude or even a way to appreciate their contributions.

Head over to the Member’s dashboard, move your cursor over a member, and click on options 👇

Send Tokens to that member and you can define how many tokens you want to give them along with a personalized message.

📌 Note: The Token and Level configuration is specific to Threado’s dashboard and your community members are probably unaware of it. So, to them, it will only be an appreciation message and the token you give them will only add to their Total Score.

Hot Trick 🔥

Filter to view members who have been active in your community in the Last 7 days and download that CSV report. In that report, along with the Total score, you’ll find a column showing the Total Score (Selected filter) which shows the score of that member only in that selected time period i.e. last 7 days.

You can sort this data to see which members have been the biggest contributors to the community in that week.

Of course, you can play around with different filters to get similar data. Filter to see members who joined the community a month ago and have been active in the last 7 days to get a more narrowed view.

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