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Make the most of member scores
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Hot Tip 🔥

Identify community members based on their scores. Threado’s dashboard features 3 metrics to measure the score of members based on how the token system has been defined.

Sort the list based on the Help Score to see members who’ve most replied to messages in the community. These folks are those who most reply to messages or keep the conversation going.

Similarly, you can sort using the Engage Score to see members who posted the most messages. These are the folks who start the most conversations.

And sort with Encourage Score to see members who posted the most reactions. Note that members with a high encourage score and low engage of help score are passives who don’t interact quite as much as they react.

Hot Trick 🔥

These individual scores can help you identify the most engaged members of your community. After sorting, manually select the top 10 or 20 most helpful/engaged members and send them an appreciation message or even setup a reward program.

Additionally, members with the highest engage and help scores can be targeted for community advocacy programs or even ambassador programs.

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