Understanding Threado - Purpose, Capabilities, and Features

Get an overview of what Threado can do for your community

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Setting up your community

New to Threado? See how you can set up your community from scratch and add your team to the dashboard

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Integrations - Sync your community platforms data

Threado lets you integrate with 5 community platforms - Discord, Slack, Discourse, Github, and Twitter. Learn how you can integrate and work with each of these platforms.

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Analytics - Discover actionable insights on your community

Get a good overview of your community with analytics and actionable insights.

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Automations - Create automated workflows

How can you set up workflows and automate community building tasks within minutes

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Bot - Train, test, and install an AI bot in your community or website

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Member CRM - Discover, segment and engage with members

Learn more about engagement in your community, use filters and tags to create custom member cohorts, organize targeted messaging campaigns, and understand how Threado's Token System works.

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Outreach - Send messages to members

Interact with your community even outside the community platform through email campaigns.

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Activity Feed - Monitor, moderate and engage with messages

Make sure no question goes unanswered in the community and stay on top of support

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Tip & Tricks

Advice on how you can stretch the limits of Threado and activate your community in amazing different ways

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