What is Threado?

Understand why Threado exists, and what can it do to improve your community experience.

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For Support Teams

A lot of companies have realized that AI can be a game-changer for product support. Threado AI helps businesses scale self-serve support to their customers and improve support teams' productivity. Customers need support to be quick, efficient, and on-demand. No customer wants to read through pages of documentation or wait long to figure out how to make the software work.

But as companies scale, their products and offerings become complex. This leads to vast, scattered, and unorganized documentation. At the same time, customer queries that take time to resolve continue to increase. How people have been solving this so far is by dedicating more time and resources but that is also wasted on resolving repetitive queries.

Threado AI can resolve customer queries across channels (Slack, within the product, etc). Threado AI also acts as a co-pilot for support teams to help them find information at their fingertips. This leads to lower customer ticket volume and faster resolution time which improves overall support quality and drives customer satisfaction.

Our overarching objective is to enable companies to scale self-serve support and improve support team productivity.

How does the Threado AI bot work?

Train - Extensively train the bot on knowledge bases, documentation, and more through multiple data sources including URLs, PDFs, and Slack or Discord conversations. You can also integrate platforms like Zendesk and Confluence and train the bot on agent conversations, support tickets, and internal docs.

Test - After you've trained the bot, test it out to make sure the answers are accurate and complete.

Customize - Add your brand colors, and icons, and update default messages for the bot to to make it more appropriate for your brand.

Install - Embed the bot within your product as a chatbot, on your website, or install it on Slack or Discord channels where the bot can auto-respond to queries

For Communities

In a world where products are commoditized, community-led growth is the best way to differentiate yourself and scale sustainably as a business. But building a community is...well...hard! It is a long-term play, involving a lot of doing-things-that-don't-scale, juggling with multiple tools with inefficient manual workflows and with no easy way to measure impact.

From our experience, and after interacting with hundreds of Community builders, leaders, experts, creators, and managers, we realized that there are a lot of engagement tools and analytics tools that are built for decision-makers but none that are built to help community builders operationally. We believe Community builders are the shapers of our future and they deserve unfair advantages.

Threado is the command center for Community builders like you. We make community management unimaginably easier with the help of actionable insights, personalized interactions, and workflow automation. Threado goes beyond just visualizing data to offer you a powerful messaging and automation platform that can help supercharge your community-building experience.

What all can I do with Threado?

  • Get a bird's-eye view of your community: have an overview of engagement and keep an eye out for changing patterns by comparing metrics. Threado gives you information about the most active and engaged members of the community. You can directly send them DMs or acknowledge their contributions to the community.

  • Personalise your reach-outs at scale: create custom member cohorts based on their engagement behaviour and send personalized messages.

  • Automate all your workflows: one of the key features that make Threado stand out is automating critical community-building workflows. You can set workflows to automate processes like onboarding, activation, re-engagement, conducting surveys and more.

  • Community support - it can be difficult to handle communications in larger communities so Threado lets you keep track of questions or posts that didn’t have any engagement. You can engage directly from the dashboard.

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