What is Threado?

Understand why Threado exists, and what can it do to improve your community experience.

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The support co-pilot for your team

Threado AI helps you scale faster support without having to scale the support headcount. We do that by providing a co-pilot to your existing support team that helps them resolve queries faster, improve response quality, and be more efficient.

Threado AI provides an AI-generated response to the query along with relevant
data source links. Agents can converse with the AI to further improve the
response. This can be done on Slack and will soon be possible as a Chrome extension that will do the same inside any ticketing platform with additional functionality to summarize, edit/insert responses, etc.

Everything you need to know about Threado AI

  • Give better structure, organization, and discoverability to your data - You can train Threado AI on -

    • Past customer resolutions: integrate and train the bot on ticketing platforms - Zendesk and Freshdesk.

    • Documentation and SOPs: public URLs, PDFs, integrates with Confluence,
      Notion, Zendesk/Freshdesk knowledge bases, and canned responses

    • Internal discussions: train on relevant Slack channels

  • How Threado AI works:

    • Train - Use any of the above methods to train the bot extensively.

    • Test - After you've trained the bot, test it out to make sure the answers are accurate and complete.

    • Customize - Add your brand colors, and icons, and update default messages for the bot to to make it more appropriate for your brand.

    • Install - Embed the bot within your product as a chatbot, on your website, or install it on Slack or Discord channels where the bot can auto-respond to queries.

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