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How to install Threado AI on your Slack channels

Learn how you can install your AI bot on your internal Slack or customer Slack community.

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This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on integrating an internal Slack account with Threado and installing it on selected Slack channels. This integration enables Threado AI to automatically respond to queries or when tagged.

Integrating Slack with Threado

Step 1: Navigate to the Setup tab and proceed to the Slack bot dashboard.

Step 2: In the "Install bot" section, select Integrate now.

This action will redirect you to a Slack workspace.

Step 3: From the dropdown menu, select the Slack workspace you wish to integrate with Threado AI.

Step 4: Allow access. You'll be redirected back to Threado AI with a confirmation message indicating successful integration.


Install Threado AI on Slack channels

  • To install Threado AI on the Slack channels, go to > Set up > Slack bot > install > Add channels

  • You have two ways to install and make the bot respond,

    • Auto-Respond: Auto-respond to queries as soon as they are posted

    • On Tagging: Choose Threado AI to respond only when it's tagged in the message.


A. Auto-Respond type:

Choose a channel where Threado AI should automatically respond to agent queries or concerns. Click Save to add it. It will automatically respond to a query as soon as it's posted as shown below.

B. On tagging type:

If you've chosen to install Threado AI to respond only when it's tagged, it will respond only if you've tagged Threado AI in your message. It will not auto-respond as shown below. This option gives better control over when to trigger the bot.

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