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How can team members or users make use of Threado AI

Learn how you as a community member, a product user, or a visitor can make use of the Threado AI bot.

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After the Threado bot has been installed on Slack or Discord, or the chat widget has been embedded on the webpage - workspace members, visitors, or product users can start asking questions to the bot.

How does Threado AI work on Slack and Discord?

As a member, on whichever channel the bot has been installed, it will auto-respond when you post a question.

πŸ“Œ Note: You can also trigger a response from Threado AI in a thread by tagging @ThreadoAI along with your question.

If you don't want to ask your query in a public channel, you can ask it privately (if that option has been enabled for this workspace)

Go to Apps on the Slack workspace > Threado AI > Messages.

How can downvoting help identify gaps in the knowledge base?

Answers that are inconsistent, incorrect, or incomplete can be downvoted along with the reasoning to understand what needs to be improved. This can specifically help point out what's lacking in your knowledge base and be upgraded accordingly.

When you downvote an answer, choose which option best describes your reason for downvoting or being dissatisfied with the answer.

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