How to monitor the bot's conversations

Learn how you can see all the conversations with the bot, see which ones have been resolved, and which ones are still open.

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Being able to monitor all of your bot's conversations is a great way to stay on top of how the bot is performing and if the support offered is accurate.

Also, keep an eye on open and resolved queries which will give you a clearer picture of the bot's responsiveness and accuracy.

This will help you keep support tickets in check and have a more systematic approach to AI-based support that eventually

Monitor all bot conversations

On the Bot dashboard, navigate to the All Conversations tab.

Here, you will be able to see all the conversations with the bot, including those that were unanswerable.

Each conversation will be marked as Open or Resolved.

  • Open - An open conversation is one where the end-user hasn't left feedback for the bot's answer i.e. downvoted or upvoted the answer.

  • Resolved - A resolved is marked as resolved if the end-user has upvoted the answer which is interpreted as a resolved query.

You can manually mark a conversation as Open or Resolved.

You can also reply to the conversation from the dashboard itself if you feel the bot hasn't responded to it accurately or hasn't responded with an answer at all.

  • For web widget and embed - In case the conversation was with a signed-in user, then you can reply with an email to resolve their query. However, if the conversation was with a visitor, you will not have access to their email address.

  • For Slack or Discord - You can respond to the query directly from the dashboard in the same Threado as the conversation.

Open Conversations

You can choose to filter out all the open conversations and select a specific date range to make it more specific.

This is a great way to monitor all the conversations that haven't been resolved yet and manually resolve them.

Simply navigate to the Open Conversation tab to view them.

Resolved Conversations

Similarly, you can also choose to view all the resolved queries.

This way, you can ensure that these queries have in fact been resolved and you can mark queries as Open if you feel the answer is inaccurate or incomplete.

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