How to create and install your custom AI Slack bot

Customize the Threado AI bot by creating your own bot and adding a touch of personalization to your Slack workspace.

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You can customize and make the Threado AI bot your own for your Slack workspace. This will help add a touch of personalization and will allow the members to feel more confident about the answers to the queries.

Step 1: Customise the bot persona

Navigate to the Customise tab on your Bot dashboard.

Click on the Customise button in the section that says Bot persona.

This will redirect you to setup your custom Slack bot.

Next, click on Create Slack bot. This will redirect you to the Slack API workspace where you will have to create an Application and then a bot.

Step 2: Create a Slack App

As soon as you're redirected to the Slack application page, you will prompted to select which workspace you want to create the bot for. Select this workspace from the drop-down.

πŸ“Œ Important: You need to have admin access to the workspace in order to perform any following actions.

Next, click on Create, and the app gets created on your workspace.

Step 3: Customise your app

After you've created the app, the next important thing to do is customize it by updating the display information.

On the Basic Information tab, scroll to the bottom and navigate to a section called Display Information.

You can now -

  • Update the name.

  • Add an icon. The recommended dimension for the image is 512px x 512px)

  • Give it a background color.

  • Add a description.

After updating these details, the app will look something like this -

Next, navigate to the App Home tab and update the display name for the App.

Click Save which will update your app's name to the custom one you've set.

Step 4: Install the custom bot on your workspace

Navigate to the OAuth & Permissions tab. Under the section 'OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace' click on Install to Workspace.

You will be redirected to the authorization page and click Allow to give access.

Step 5: Connect the custom Slack bot on Threado

Now, copy the Bot User OAuth Token and paste it under OAuth Token from Slack under the Integration tab. When you click Save, the bot gets connected to your Slack workspace.

Now, this custom bot can be used to respond to queries in the workspace where it's been installed. It can auto-respond to queries in the channel where it's been installed, can be asked queries by being tagged, or can be asked questions privately.

πŸ“Œ Note: After you've updated the bot name, go to Bot Settings > Customise > Slack > Click refresh to sync the latest bot name.

πŸ“Œ Important: To see how you can install the bot on your Slack workspace, read this article.

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