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How to install and use Threado AI's Chrome app

Learn how you and your agents can install the agent assist bot as a Chrome extension

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How to create account and install the Chrome app

Upon sending an invite, the agent would be able to create their account and then install the Threado AI bot Chrome extension on their browser.

Click on Create now to create your account on Threado AI. After you've created your account, navigate back to the invite and click on Download now to add the app to your browser.

How to use the Chrome app

After installing the Threado AI Chrome extension, the user can now access the extension.

The Threado AI tool extension launcher can be seen on the right sidebar of the browser. Click on it to expand the bot.

After you've logged in, you will be able to have conversations with the bot.

Ask the bot for anything relevant to the information it's been trained on.

You can ask the bot to customize the answer the way you want it.

And, you can use the commands to shorten, expand, or auto-improve a response.

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