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How to define the tone and language for Threado AI

Learn how you can change the tone and language for the Auto improve command and change the default language.

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Threado AI can be customized to respond in your preferred language by default and set the tone in which you'd like the answers to be written upon using the auto-improve command.

Setting and the tone and language for answers

Navigate to the AI settings dashboard from the Settings tab.


The Auto Improve command upgrades your answers or the AI's answer itself to be more in line with the tone that you have defined for Threado AI to answer in.

You can choose the answer to be improved to be more -

Language selection

There are two ways in which you can define language selection -

  • Auto-detect - Select this option if you want Threado AI to be able to automatically detect the language when you ask a question and answer in the same language.

  • Custom selection - You can choose from 50+ languages for Threado AI. Choose the desired language from the drop-down and it will automatically be updated.

Ask questions to Threado AI

You can test these customizations to ensure Threado AI is in fact responding how you want it to.

Navigate to the Ask tab and ask your question in the defined language or if you've selected auto-detect then Threado AI will automatically respond in the language you ask the question in.

You can auto-improve answers as well by choosing this option -

Threado AI will add personalization and improve the answer based on the tone you have defined -

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