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How to install and train Threao AI on your HubSpot account

Learn how you can train Threado AI on your HubSpot customer conversations and answer queries based on that.

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HubSpot is one of the most widely used CRM, marketing, and sales platforms used extensively by customer-facing teams. There is a lot of knowledge that exists in past HubSpot conversations that constantly needs to be referenced by your sales, pre-sales, or even support or customer success teams. You can connect your HubSpot account with Threado AI so it can answer any queries related to HubSpot conversations.

Training the bot on HubSpot articles

Navigate to the Train tab on the Bot dashboard.

Connect your HubSpot account from this dashboard.

You will redirected to HubSpot where you will have to login/signup to give access to your account. Follow the steps to finish integration with HubSpot.

Choose the Account with which you would like to connect Threado AI.

Click on Choose Account to continue the integration.

Click Connect app to finish the integration process.

After successful integration, you will be redirected to Threado AI where it will automatically start getting trained on past conversations on HubSpot.

๐Ÿ’ก What's next - You can now test the bot to make sure that the answers are accurate before installing or making it available to the team. You can read this article to see more about testing and these ones to learn how you can install the bot.

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