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How to connect and train Threado AI on your Salesforce account
How to connect and train Threado AI on your Salesforce account

Learn how you can connect your Salesforce account with Threado AI and train on contacts and deals.

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Salesforce is one of the most prominent CRM tools globally and everyone including sales, marketing, support, and success teams leverages it to improve deal closures and customer experience.

Connecting Salesforce account with Threado AI

Navigate to the Train tab on Threado AI's dashboard.

Connect your Salesforce account from the dashboard.

You will be redirected to Salesforce requesting access to your account. If you're not logged into your account, login to continue to the permission page to initiate integration.

Click on Allow to continue.

Once you allow Threado AI to access your Salesforce account, you will be able to choose the deals to be trained on i.e. deals that were created in a given time duration.

All the contacts from Salesforce get automatically synced.

By default, the deals created in the last year are shown but you can choose from the drop-down whichever option you want.

After training, you can setup the bot on Threado AI. Refer to these articles to see how you can use Threado AI across different platforms.

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