Sending targeted and personalized messages to members

Set up targeted messaging campaigns for custom member cohorts

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After successfully creating custom member cohorts using Filters, you can use the Bulk Message feature to send personalized and targeted direct messages to those members.

Sending a Bulk Message is pretty simple

Define the following when you click on the Bulk Message button -

  • Whom to Send - Filter the list of members to whom you want the message to be sent.

📌 Note: Sending a Bulk Message feature is independent of the Filters feature. But if you’ve applied filter(s) directly on the dashboard, by default, those same filters get applied to the bulk message as well. Of course, you can edit, change, and add to the filter as you'd like directly while sending a Bulk message.

  • How to Send - The platform on which you want the message to be sent.

📌 Note: The Bulk Message feature is only applicable for Platforms - Slack, Discourse, and Twitter.

  • Send from - The account from which the message will be sent.

⚠️ Important: These accounts you see in this drop-down have to be configured in the Team dashboard under the Settings menu. You need to connect your personal Slack account to send messages. This can be done on the same dashboard. If your personal account isn’t connected, the message is sent by Threado bot.

  • Message - Type in your message into the text field. You can use placeholders like {firstName}, {lastName}, or {userName} which takes the value depending on which user the message is being delivered to.

  • Test Message - Test your message by sending it to yourself before actually sending it to everyone.

If you want to send a bulk message only to a select few members instead of narrowing it down with filters, you can manually do it by selecting the check-boxes next to the members and only choosing the ones you want to send a bulk message to. Doing this will remove the need for filters and you can directly send a message to your selected list of members.

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