Adding and Removing tags using automated workflows

Tagging can help better categorize and identify community members. See how you can automate tagging in your community.

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Tags can be extremely useful for identifying members of your community. By setting up a workflow, you can completely automate the process of both adding tags to members and removing them.

In this guide, we’ll see how you can set up both of these automation workflows. In order to do so, let’s take an example of how you can automate the process of tagging members as dormant users after 30 days of inactivity.

Adding Tags to members

Create a Workflow from the Automation dashboard and give it any name you see appropriate.

Since we want to tag those members who’ve been inactive in the past 30 days, we’ll set the trigger condition as Inactive in the Last 30 days. This filter serves as an entry condition and implies that any member that meets this condition i.e. becomes inactive within 30 days of setting up this automation condition, will be tagged.

Now, we select the Add Tag action block and create a tag called Dormant users. If you have an existing tag with the same or similar name, you can select it from the drop-down.

You can also choose to send a DM after a member has been tagged as dormant in order to help nudge them towards engaging with the community.

You’ve successfully set up an automation that tags dormant members. But there can be an extension to this where a member who has been tagged as dormant should have this tagged removed when they become active again.

Removing Tags from members

Logical criteria for a member to not be tagged as dormant would be for them to post a message. This is where a Split Condition block becomes useful. At the same time, we should wait at least a week after sending a DM to see if any dormant users become active again.

So, we’ll as a delay and a condition, in that order -

Now, if a member satisfies this condition i.e. they have posted a message in the community within 7 days of your initial trigger, then we Remove the Dormant users tag from their name.

Alternatively, you can set up a completely different workflow for removing tags instead of just having one for both adding and removing. In this case, you’ll set up a trigger under the condition that includes members who were active in the last 7 days and have been tagged as dormant users. All members who meet this condition will have the tag removed.

Here’s how you can do that -

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