Setting up a workflow to activate dormant users

A great way to improve community experience is by sending personalized messages to member, especially if they've gone away.

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Dormant users are typically categorized as those who were once active (or briefly active) but have lately been inactive. Extensively, dormant users can also be those who have not been active in the community since they joined. They can also be called inactive users.

In order to incorporate these use-cases, you can build an automated workflow around them, we'll need to set up 2 filters that specifically target dormant users in a given time period.

For example - say there were 20 users who joined the community in a span of 2 weeks about a month ago. But in the last week, most of them have become inactive or dormant.

The entry condition that we use for this automation trigger is to set a filter targeting members whose Joined Date was between a Custom Date Range spanning 2 week period a month ago and were Inactive in the Last 7 days.

After you've set up an automation trigger condition, you would want to add a direct message campaign aimed at activating or engaging these targeted members. Set up a DM block to complete this automation workflow. For this example, I've added Send a Slack DM block.

This serves as a skeleton for the entire workflow. This means that you can end this right here or you can add an extension to further nudge dormant members towards engagement.

For example - you can Add a Delay after this for 3 days and follow that up with a Split Condition to filter out those who still haven't engaged with the community.

For the split, we'll add a condition where if the targeted members still haven't posted a message after the initial push, we send them another DM and filter out those who did post a message after the first DM.

Now, under the No condition, we add another Send a Slack DM block, nudging the members once again to engage with the community.

This is what your automation workflow should roughly look like -

You can always choose to add on to this and create a longer engagement workflow depending on your community-building strategies. You can send more targeted messages to improve the chance of engagement or you can even share events, resources, or community updates to try and excite the members again.

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