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Use Retention metrics to understand how cohesive your community is

Retention is an important metric that gives an indication of how well your community experience is for members

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Retention Insights

Retention measures the activity of community members over time. This helps you understand if members are sticking around in your community and engaging with other members.

At the top, you can see simple metrics like member tenure i.e. the amount of time a member stays active in the community, member activity i.e. posts, replies, or reactions by a member, and longest active member along with the time they've been active for.

This retention data is represented with a line graph and by default the data is shown for 5 weeks i.e. how many members joined and what percentage of them were still active after 5 weeks of joining. You can also choose to see this as monthly or daily data.

The graph visually represents retention for the selected time range.

This same data is also represented in a tabular format that gives a detailed account of retention through the days/weeks/months in terms of percentage.

How do I understand this table?

Let's take the 1st week as an example -

In the first week (between 01 May and 07 May), 10 people joined the community and 40% (4 members) were active. None were active in the 2nd and 3rd weeks, and 10% of them (1 member) were active in the 4th and 5th weeks.

At risk members

You get a report of "At risk" members who were active or joined 30 days ago but are now inactive in the community.

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