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Configuring engagement levels using Threado’s Token System

Define a token system and segment users on the basis on engagement in the community.

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Threado’s Token system was created with the idea that community engagement works because of the contribution of each and every member of the community. This token system helps better understand the contributors and their level of involvement with the community.

Each member of your community is given a score depending on their engagement. It’s easily customizable which means you can configure the entire token system to work in tandem with how you want it for your community.

Actions and Tokens

This option is entirely for configuring the token system across all your integrated platforms. You can define how many tokens can a member earn for engagement using 3 metrics -

  • Tokens earned for posting a message - Engaging with the community.

  • Tokens earned for reacting to a message with emojis - Encouraging the community.

  • And tokens earned for replying to a message - Helping the community.

📌 The Scores you see on the main Members Dashboard for each member are calculated using the configured tokens you decide for your community.

Segment Settings

This option lets you define Levels for your community based on the tokens acquired by the members.

From this example - Level 1 members are those who have anywhere from 1 to 76 tokens, Level 2 is till 151, and Level 3 is anything above that. You can change or customize these as you like.

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