Identifying champions in your community

A template for identifying the top-most engaged members in your community and tagging them as champions

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Community champions are those who take your community from 1 to 100 and are critical to the growth of the overall community. It's important that you identify these members and take steps to reward their contributions.

Champions can be very easily identified simply by sorting through their overall engagement score.

Click on the Total Score column twice to sort the list in descending order of member score. Now, it's up to you to decide what minimum score defines a community champion.

After you've selected the members, click on the Update Tag option and select Add Tag. Under Map a Tag option, either create a new tag called 'Champion' or from the drop-down select this tag it already exists.

All these selected members will be tagged as community Champions. You can use this tag later as a filter directly and see the members who you added to this tag.

It's pretty easy to identify champions in your community. Now, you can set up a personalized reward program or targeted campaigns to better nurture and engage your community champions.

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