Tagging members based on Survey responses

A template to filter members based on responses to a survey that you conducted

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You can set up a survey as an automation workflow and the responses from members are captured in the Members CRM.

After you conduct the survey, you should be able to filter members basis their responses and tag them.

First, filter by Survey Results, choose the Survey Name from the list, and include which responses you want to filter.

The filtered member(s) are those who responded with the value that you selected. You can select these members manually by selecting the checkbox next to their names. Now, click on Update Tag and select the Add Tag option. Under Map a Tag, create a new tag 'Interest - Networking', or select it from the drop-down if it already exists.

After you've added the tag, you can later use it to set up follow-up surveys or even targeted campaigns.

Follow the same process to tag members with other responses to easily identify them.

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