How to integrate and work with your Github account

Learn how you can integrate your Github repositories with Threado and what features do you have on the dashboard.

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You will see an option to Integrate your Github account. Click on the Add Integration option next to this.

This will redirect you to the Github authorization page. Log into your Github account if you haven't in order to authorize access.

Click on Authorize threadohq.

In order to confirm access, you'll have to input your account password.

You will be redirected to the Settings dashboard with a confirmation of successful integration.

πŸ“Œ Note: Only Public Repositories can be synced with Threado. Please make a repository public if you want it to be synced here.

Some metrics and features are different for Github as compared to other integrations:

  • For Github, members are those users who commented, replied, or reacted on an issue or starred/forked a repository.

  • There are no 'Channels' for Github, therefore, only public repositories will be synced.

  • Bulk Messaging or Direct Messaging is not applicable/available for the Github platform. You cannot set up Automation Workflows for Github either.

  • On the Support Dashboard, you can only reply to issues.

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