How to add Threado to private channels on Slack and Discord

Learn how you can sync data for private channels on Slack and Discord communities.

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Threado does not automatically sync data from Private channels unless you manually add it to those Private channels.

In this guide, we'll see how you can do that for both Slack and Discord communities.

Add Threado to Private channels on Slack

When you integrate a Slack community with Threado, only the Public channels will be auto-synced on the dashboard.

To allow Threado to also load data and sync private channels, you need to manually integrate Threado app on that channel on Slack.

Go to the private channel you want to add and go to its settings.

Go to the Integrations tab, click on the Add an App option, and add Threado app to the workspace.

On Threado's dashboard, you'll see that the private channle has been successfully added.

If you wish to remove this channel, you can do that directly from the dashboard, or you can remove Threado app from that channel.

Add Threado to Private channels on Discord

When you integrate your Discord community, the Community Admin bot gets automatically added to your server. By default, the bot does not have admin rights so it won't be able to sync data for private channels.

For the Community Admin bot to sync/load data for private channels, you need to give admin rights.

On your community server, go to Server Settings.

Under the Roles tab, select the Community Admin bot.

Go to the Permissions tab, and grant Administrator access to the Community Admin bot.

Go back to Threado's dashboard and Retry loading/syncing private channel data. The data will successfully be loaded.

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