How does the CSV export function work

You can CSV reports for custom member cohorts from the members dashboard.

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The custom member cohorts that you create on Members dashboard can be emailed to your registered email ID for you to be able to use externally.

This is a small guide to help you understand how to read/interpret the data that you get with the reports.

For Active/Inactive filters, the report will represent all data for all time, as well as the selected date range.

Taking the above image as an example - the CSV for filter 'Active in the Last 7 days' will contain member data for all time as well as for the selected time range i.e. 7 days. Now, depending on the date range you select, you'll see data for all time as well as the selected date range.

How to differentiate this data on the CSV?

Here, the column Total Score represents the Total score accumulated for the corresponding member since the day they joined.

And the Total Score (Selected Interval) represents the Total score of that member in the time range that you selected while applying the filter. Which in this case is 7 days.

All other metrics like Reactions posted, Messages posted, Likes received, etc., are all represented in terms of both 'all time' and the 'selected date range'.

πŸ“Œ Note: Data for all time and the selected time range is only shown for filters Active and Inactive. For every other filter, member data will be shown for all time only.

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