Identify and activate lurkers or passives in the community
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A great way to identify passive members or lurkers in your community is to filter members who have been inactive since they joined the community.

Use filters to see folks who Joined in the Last 30 days and have been Inactive in the Last 30 days. All these members have not engaged in the community since they joined.

Hot Trick 🔥

You can Tag these members who have been inactive since they joined as ‘Lurkers’ or ‘Passives’ and setup an automation campaign to try and activate them over the course of a month.

In fact, you can automate tagging in the same workflow and even remove tags from those members who become active as a result of your activation campaign.

What’s even better is that we already have a template that does exactly this. Head over to the Automation dashboard and use the template titled ‘Identify community lurkers’.

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