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Setup a leaderboard and build Ambassador or Advocacy programs
Setup a leaderboard and build Ambassador or Advocacy programs
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Hot Tip 🔥

Start setting up your community leaderboard with Threado’s scoring system. Configure levels for your community and define custom Tokens and Segment settings to segregate members accordingly.

You can define how many tokens a member would receive for specific actions i.e. posting a message, replying to a message, and reacting to a message. The more tokens a member receives, the higher their score gets.

Depending on the score, they can be segmented into Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 contributors with Level 3 being the highest.

Hot Trick 🔥

Setup targeted campaigns to nudge Level 3 contributors toward becoming community Ambassadors or Advocates.

You can, in fact, target all Level contributors and setup campaigns accordingly. Encourage Level 1 contributors to engage more, Level 2 contributors to become advocates, and Level 3 contributors to get enrolled as ambassadors or champions.

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