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Use filters to see the activation rate over a course of time
Use filters to see the activation rate over a course of time
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Compare the activation rate in your community over the course of two separate but equal time frames.

First, filter by a custom Joined date to see members who joined the Last 90 days and add another filter to see members who were Active in the same date range. Compare the number of members who joined and how many were active to get the activation rate.

Now, in a separate tab, use the same filters but set a custom date range for the same time period exactly before the current 90 days.

Comparing these metrics across two quarters will help you understand how activation has progressed over the course of 6 months.

Hot Trick πŸ”₯

If you have multiple platform integrations on Threado, it can be more appropriate to first filter by Platform and then add other filters like Channel or Level.

This will narrow down all data specific to just one platform, making it easier to differentiate data and create custom member cohorts.

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