How to verify your domain to send outreach emails

Learn how you can verify your domain on Threado to be able to send outreach campaigns and emails.

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To be able to send emails and setup outreach campaigns at scale, you have to verify your domain which is a prerequisite for directly sending emails from Threado.

The significance of verifying your domain ensures that you've given Threado permission to send emails on your behalf and that your recipients or community members can rest assured knowing that they're receiving emails from you and not from anyone else.

Another important aspect of verifying your domain is that any sender with an email belonging to that domain can simply add themself as a sender and verify their email in a single step. This way, anyone from your team can become a verified sender as long they're added to your Threado workspace and have verified their email.

How to verify your domain on Threado

1. Head over to the Email Domain Verification tab under Settings.

2. Click on Add domain which opens a sliding menu on the right side of the screen. Here, enter your email address and domain. Note that the domain would be automatically taken from the email.

3. When you add your domain, it'll be unverified. The verification process is further divided into 2 steps.

First, you'll have to copy the DNS records and add them to your DNS manager.

What does it mean to add DNS records?

A DNS or Domain Naming System is what identifies you on the internet by mapping any requests to your corresponding IP address. Each website or domain has a unique IP address and any requests that come to your domain are mapped to the relevant IP address using DNS records.

Doing this will allow Theado to become a verified sender on your domain.

Relevant terminologies -

  • DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) - This is a technology Threado uses to ensure that the email is being received from a verified domain i.e. on your behalf.

  • CNAME - This is a name record that allows fetching your domain from the internet.

How to add DNS records to the DNS manager?

Depending on wherever your domain is hosted, login to your domain account and locate the DNS manager.

πŸ“Œ Note: Get in touch with your IT or engineering team for this step if you don't have access to or have little understanding of where your domain is hosted.

  • Navigate to the page where you can add DNS records.

  • Select CNAME as the record type from the drop-down.

  • Copy the Host parameter from Threado and paste it under the same column in the DNS record. This column may even be called Hostname, Name, or Record name.

  • Copy the Value parameter corresponding to its Host and paste it into the DNS record.

  • Repeat the above 3 steps for adding the remaining DNS records.

Next, click on Verify domain in the second step and if everything has been done right, the status will get updated from Pending to Verified.

How to add and verify senders on Threado?

After you've successfully verified your domain, you can start adding your teammates as verified senders to carry out outreach campaigns.

Go to the Senders tab and then click on Add sender.

On the side panel that appears, add the sender's name and email address.

A verification email will be sent to the given email address and upon verifying, the person would be authenticated as a verified sender.

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