How to define specific time periods for sending automated messages

Learn how you can choose to send automated DMs only in a specific time period and on selected days.

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You can choose to send the automated messages only in preferred hours or in a specific time range. Also, select the days on which you'd like to send the automated messages.

While setting up a Slack, Discord, or Discourse DM in the workflow, you can define your Preferred Send Time:

  • Any time - This option will be selected by default. Keep this selected if you don't mind the automated messages going out at anytime i.e. whenever the member matches the condition or is eligible to receive the message.

  • Specific times - Choose this option to setup a specific time on specific days when the message should go out. In this case, when a member matches the condition outside of the defined time, their status will appear as 'Scheduled' and will only receive the message when the time condition is matched.

πŸ“Œ Important: If you setup the time range at one block, the same time will automatically be selected for all successive message blocks unless the preferred send time is specifically changed. This way, you can select different time ranges for all blocks in a workflow.

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