How to import a CSV to the Members dashboard

Learn how to import emails from CSVs and tag users for carrying out outreach campaigns.

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To further extend email capabilities through outreach, you can import external users from a CSV list. Not just that, you can also tag them to create a cohort of users to better identify them and setup targeted campaigns.

Head over to the Members dashboard and click on Bulk Import/Update. The import panel will show up on the right side of the screen.

You can click on Upload a file or directly drag and drop the CSV in that space. The maximum size of the CSV can be 10 MB. You can also download a sample CSV to see the required format.

As soon as you upload the CSV, you'll have to map the values from the CSV to the member fields.

Email: Email is the only mandatory field. Select from the drop-down Email to map this data to that member field.

πŸ“Œ Note: Only valid emails will be mapped. If the email doesn't match an existing user, a new user will be created and automatically mapped with 'Email' as the platform. Any entry without email will not be mapped.

Tags: Select the corresponding field from the drop-down. Type in all the tags you want to add to this list of users. Multiple tags need to be separated by a comma.

Adding tags further has 2 options -

  • Add - This option is if you want to add the tags from the CSV along with the existing tags to those users. This option is recommended because the users won't

  • Replace - This option is if you want to add these tags and replace the existing tag(s) in the uploaded CSV.

First Name and Last Name are optional fields but can be mapped to their corresponding fields.

Click on Import when you're done. You'll be notified via email when the upload is complete.

You can view the uploads on the Members dashboard. To filter out these uploads, you can either filter by Platform and select Email, or filter using the Tags that have been added to these users.

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