How to integrate and work with HubSpot

Learn how you integrate HubSpot with Threado, sync custom data fields from HubSpot to Threado and send data to HubSpot.

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With HubSpot integration, you will be able to manage your leads better and measure the ROI of your community. Teams can now keep track of leads in the community, understand which users are likely to convert, and conduct personalized campaigns to drive more conversions.

Sales and Marketing teams will be able to track user data and map out community-led acquisition, conversion, and retention strategies.

πŸ“Œ Note: HubSpot integration is only available for the Pro and Enterprise plan for both Threado and HubSpot.

How to integrate HubSpot and manage data

Navigate to the Integrations tab and go to HubSpot. Click on Add HubSpot and integrate your Hubspot account with Threado.

After you've added your integration, you can receive data from Hubspot into Threado and send data from Threado to HubSpot.

You can select which fields you want to be mapped from HubSpot and define those fields on your Threado workspace. Here, for example, Lead status has been mapped to Member status.

You can add more fields to be mapped to Threado. Click on Add, to get a drop-down of all the available fields in HubSpot.

Select the desired field and Create a field in Threado where the data will be mapped.

You can do the same for mapping Threado data into HubSpot. This will help understand where your community members stand in the funnel and eventually take informed decisions to improve how sales, marketing, or even community teams approach them.

Similarly, add a new field from Threado and map it to your HubSpot account to sync that data.

What are the benefits of HubSpot integration for Community teams

One of the most important benefits of integrating HubSpot with Threado is the data sync that gives you actionable insights about members in the funnel without having to navigate to Hubspot. You can use this custom data to segment users on Threado's dashboard - send personalized messages, setup automated workflows, and reach out or nurture members with email drip campaigns.

How to view HubSpot data on the Members dashboard

On the Members dashboard, you can view the data synced from HubSpot in columns.

Go to Edit Columns and search for the fields that have been synced from HubSpot.

You can choose to hide or view all columns on your workspace from here and even rearrange the order of the columns by dragging and dropping.

You can also use HubSpot fields as filters to create custom member cohorts. Set up personalized campaigns or use tags to identify members better.

How to use HubSpot data to setup an automation

You can use this synced data from HubSpot to setup an automation and send targetted messages, create drip campaigns, conduct surveys, and more.

Navigate to the Automations dashboard and create a new workflow.

Add a Custom Member filter and select a Custom Field from the drop-down.

Now, you can add an action block to setup alerts, send personalized DMs, or even conduct surveys.

How to use HubSpot data to send an outreach

You can engage with your members outside of the community based on their data synced from HubSpot. You can send emails to inactive leads directly from Threado or setup email drip campaigns to nurture leads into the funnel.

Navigate to the Outreach dashboard and create a new outreach. You can send an email outreach or a Slack DM to a custom member cohort using these filters.

Setup the outreach and define the recipients using filters. You can select a Custom Field from the drop-down and select the member cohort to which you'd like to send the outreach.

Continue to draft the Content and then Send/Schedule the outreach.

What are the benefits of HubSpot integration for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Support teams

The data sync makes measuring the impact of communities easier on both ends i.e. on Threado as well as HubSpot. Teams involved with business revenue, lead generation, and customer acquisition can directly view community data for leads and users in their HubSpot workspace.

How to view Threado community data as Hubspot cards

Navigate to contacts on your HubSpot account and open a contact/lead. On the right panel, you will be able to see Community Details as a HubSpot card.

You will be able to see the details like member name, number of reactions, engagement level, and more, that have been synced from Threado.

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