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How to use Threado AI filters for better customer support

Learn how you can provide better customer support using AI filters to sort through messages based on type, sentiment, and more.

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What are Threado AI filters?

Threado AI filters have been integrated with ChatGPT to provide AI-based message classification. Messages can be identified and categorized based on 3 parameters -

  • Message type i.e. information, question, spam, promotion, etc.

  • Messages containing specific keywords.

  • Sentiment of the message i.e. negative, positive, or neutral.

How to use AI filters as out-of-the-box default views?

On the Activities dashboard, you can see Default views and Custom views on the left side panel.

There are 5 Default views available for some of the most common and helpful use cases -

  • Questions with no replies - This view filters out messages that are queries, have not been replied to, and were posted in the past 30 days.

  • Negative Sentiment - This view filters out messages posted in the last 30 days that have had a negative sentiment.

  • Issue - This view filters out messages posted in the last 30 days that were bugs or issues, especially in the product.

  • Feedback - This view filters out messages posted in the last 30 days that were feedback from the community.

  • Promotion - This view filters out messages posted in the last 30 days that were promotional or had something to do with members sharing their resources.

How to directly use the AI filters?

The default views are shortcuts to view messages for some of the most common use cases, but you can also use the AI filters directly on the dashboard to custom view messages.

There are 3 Threado AI filters -

  • Post type - filter by type of message posted i.e. Query, bug, feedback, information, etc.

  • Sentiment - filter by the sentiment behind a message i.e. negative, positive, or neutral.

  • Keywords - filter by some of the most prominent keywords used in your community. AI automatically captures all the relevant keywords so you don't have to. Simply select it from the drop-down.

How to get message insights at a glance?

Each message is flagged based on the message type, sentiment, and keyword(s) used. This gives you instant insight into what the message is about without even reading the complete message. You can also see which channel it's been posted on.

Leverage this feature to get updated on your community on the go and have a general understanding of what's going on in the community.

Some of the best use cases of Threado AI filters

  • Involve your Tech team in messages that are feedback or issues so they can understand the needs of the community while being able to identify and fix bugs much faster.

  • Get to messages with negative sentiments much faster and respond to them. This will improve the community experience while delighting members with swifter responses.

  • Keep an eye out for promotions and moderate your community smartly.

  • Identify important keywords and the general sentiment around them. This will help you improve on the things that have a negative sentiment and double down on the things that have a positive sentiment.

  • Get to customer queries faster and close the loop on them without missing out on a pool of hundreds of messages.

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