How is the Activity Score calculated in the Community CRM?

Learn how the Activity scoring system works and what parameters is it calculated on and using it to understand member engagement.

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An activity of a member can be determined by their Activity Score and this score is calculated on the basis of the actions they perform in the community i.e. making a new post, replying to a post, and reacting to a post.

These actions carry weights that can be customized. These weights can be thought of as scores, points, or tokens awarded to a member for performing an action.

The higher the score, the more contributions a member has made or the more active a member is in the community.

How is the Activity Score calculated?

There's a simple formula that dictates the Activity score of each member for Slack, Discord, and Discourse communities -

(Total posts * Weight per post) + (Total replies * Weight per reply) + (Total reactions * Weight per reaction) = Activity Score 

By default, Threado assigns 2, 4, and 1 as weights for posts, replies, and reactions respectively.

As an example - if a member has 10 posts, 10 replies, and 10 reactions then -

(10*2) + (10*4) + (10*1) = 70

Here, 70 becomes the Activity Score for that member.

πŸ“Œ Note: Activity Score is calculated differently for Github and is given as -

(Total comments * Weight per comment) + (Total issues opened * Weight per issue) + (Total PR opened * Weight per open PR) + (Total PR merged * Weight per merged PR) = Activity Score 

How to customize Activity Score for your community?

Navigate to the Rewards center under Settings.

You can customize the Score Weight for every action (reaction, reply, and post) across all integrations i.e. Slack, Discord, etc.

What are some good ways to use member Activity Scores?

Activity Score is a direct indication of a member's contribution or activity in the community. The higher the score, the more active a member is. This score can be used to -

  • Create custom member cohorts based on activity score i.e. 0 - 1000, 1001 - 5000, etc. This segregation can help combine your members into similar groups based on their contributions to the community.

  • Use these scores to setup workflows. Conduct surveys, enroll them into programs, invite them into events, etc.

  • Understand who the absolute top members are and create campaigns to nurture them into partners, ambassadors, and more.

How to get the Activity Score for a specific interval?

Although the Activity Score for a specific time interval is not displayed on the Members dashboard, you can get that data by using the Active filter and exporting the CSV.

Active in *selected time period* > Download CSV

The exported CSV will contain both the cumulative Activity Score and the Activity Score for that selected time period.

πŸ“Œ Note: You can also view the Activity score of Top Members and Potential Champions under the Reports section on the Summary dashboard. You can view these scores as per the date range. Members with a higher score in the given time period can be identified as periodically active members, activated members, or reactivated members.

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