Using Member Reports to understand member activities and Sentiment
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Reports on the Summary dashboard give you complete insights into member activities i.e. posts, replies, & reactions, channel engagement, sentiment analysis, and most discussed topics.

What are the different Activity reports available?


The Activities report gives you a breakdown of the percentage activity contribution by members, the total posts by them in the last 90 days, and the total replies in the last 90 days.

The Member Type (Community members and Teammates) and Activity Type (Posts, Replies, and Reactions) data can be visualized using a line or a bar graph.


Get a breakdown of the most active channels in the last 30 days defined and sorted on the basis of Activity Score. You can also see the sentiment pulse of the community i.e. whether people are in general happy, dissatisfied, or neither, along with the most commonly discussed topics.


Get a view of the sentiment of community members i.e. how are they feeling about your community. Threado analyzes these sentiments by identifying messages and the intention behind them. These sentiments can be negative, neutral, or positive.


Gives you a breakdown of the commonly discussed topics in the community and also the sentiment behind those topics.

You can use this metric to understand which topics have a negative sentiment i.e. which topics do people need help on or are not too excited about. You can then provide better support or come up with strategies to help resolve people's problems better.

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