How to integrate and train the bot on Notion docs

Learn how you can integrate and train the bot on your company's internal Notions docs

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Notion has become the go-to internal documentation software for a lot of tech companies who use it to create their internal documentation, track & update information, and maintain the latest information in a structured way.

Step 1: Training the bot on Notion docs

Navigate to the Train tab under the Bot dashboard.

Connect your Notion account.

You will be redirected to the Notion permission page, where you can select specific pages you would like to give access to. You can also give access to your private pages.

After you've selected which pages you'd like to give access to, click Allow access to complete the authorization process.

Now, you'll be redirected to Threado and the Notion integration will be completed.

Step 2: Training the bot on Notion docs

Add Notion doc URLs to start training the bot. When you add a URL, Threado automatically trains the bot on that URL as well as all sub URLs (if any).

πŸ“Œ Note: Since you've manually selected which Notion pages Threado has authorized access to, adding URLs to any other pages will result in an error while training.

Add the URL of any of the pages that Threado has access to.

πŸ“Œ Note - The bot also gets trained on the child pages within the given parent URL so you don't need to train the bot separately on them.

Depending on the size or depth of the doc(s), it can take up to a few seconds or minutes to finish training. The bot will be labeled as Trained upon completion.

πŸ’‘ What's next - You can now test the bot to make sure that the answers are accurate before installing or making it available to the team. You can read this article to see more about testing and these ones to learn how you can install the bot.

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