How to integrate and train the bot on Freshdesk

Learn how to integrate your Freshdesk account with Threado and train the bot on docs, articles, tickets, and more.

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A lot of knowledge exists in internal docs, tickets, customer conversations, articles, and more across customer support and customer success teams. This will not only improve the bot's understanding of the product but will also lead to better query resolution by helping internal teams quickly search through queries and improve resolution time.

Training the bot on your Freshdesk articles

Navigate to the Train tab on the Bot dashboard.

Connect your Freshdesk account by entering the account domain and the API token -

📌 Note: The sub-domain is the unique part of the URL (for example - where the sub-domain is "company") and the API key can be obtained through the following steps.

When you click on Connect, Threado will successfully integrate with your Freshdesk account.

Once your Freshdesk account has been successfully integrated, the bot will automatically train on all the child URLs.

Depending on the size or depth of the doc(s), it can take up to a few seconds or minutes to finish training. The bot will be labeled as Trained upon completion.

💡 What's next - You can now test the bot to make sure that the answers are accurate before installing or making it available to the team. You can read this article to see more about testing and these ones to learn how you can install the bot.

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