Appreciation message for members who reached Level 3

Entering Level 3 is big deal for you and the members. See how you can automate the process of welcoming and rewarding them.

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Depending on how you've set your Token system, members who engage enough will eventually reach Level 3. As per Threado's score and token system, Level 3 is the highest a member could reach. The definitely calls for some appreciation, right?

This guide will show you how you can set up an automation workflow to welcome members to Level 3 and appreciate their level of engagement.

Automation trigger

Entry condition for this automation trigger, as you might've guessed, should be set to Level 3. Let's go ahead and add that.

Save the trigger and then add Send a DM block for whichever platform your community's based on. Write a warm and welcoming appreciation message for the members.

That's it. This automation is ready. This is what it should look like -

πŸ“Œ Note: This automation will target only those members who reach Level 3 and not those who are already there.

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