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Setting up a simple automation workflow with Discord custom bot

How to set up automation on Discord platform using the custom Discord bot

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Direct messaging is different for Discord as compared to other platforms. You need to configure an application and connect a custom bot to be able to set up workflows.

If you haven't connected a Discord bot yet refer to our guides explaining how to integrate your Discord community and create and connect a custom Discord bot with Threado.

In this article, we'll take a simple example to see how you can set up an automated workflow on Discord to onboard new members with a welcome message.

Create a workflow from the Automations dashboard. Give it a name of your choice and hit Create.

Since we're creating a workflow for onboarding new members, we'll set the trigger to when a New member joins.

You'd want to give some room to the member to explore things on their own before you send a message. Add a short delay of around 10 minutes.

Finally, we add the Send a Discord DM block and define the required parameters.

Here, you'll notice that the Send From option is already set to the custom bot that you connected on Threado's dashboard. Enter the message, and save the workflow.

This is what your final workflow will look like -

However, if you haven't integrated your Discord account with Threado, you'll see this display message when you try to add a Discord DM. This message will prompt you to Connect Discord Now.

Click on this option to get redirected to the integration page, or alternatively, go to the Community tab under the Settings dashboard and integrate your Discord server.

Also, if you have connected your discord server but haven't connected your custom bot, you'll see a similar display message prompting you to Connect Custom Bot Now.

Just integrating Discord is not enough, you will also need to set up a custom bot after that.

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