Add and then remove tags using automation workflows
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Use workflows to automatically tag members and then use those tags to setup targeted campaigns.

For example - setup a workflow to target members who entered Level 3 and have been Active in the Last 15 days. Add a tag to them as ‘Top contributors’. Create another workflow and only include members with this tag to start enrolling them into an Ambassador program.

Hot Trick 🔥

You can also use workflows to tag as well as remove tags from members.

For example - create workflow and add a ‘Dormant’ tag to those members who have been Inactive in the last 30 days. Send an activation message, add delay for a week, and check to see if they’ve posted a message in the community. If they have, remove the ‘Dormant’ tag from them. And continue sending activation messages if they haven’t.

Read this article for more details.

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