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Using Member Reports to identify top contributors and potential champions

Learn how you can leverage community insights to get detailed member reports, understand who the top members and potential champions are

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Reports on the Summary gives you complete insights into member growth in the community. You can customize this data for specific date ranges, community platform, and choose to visualize data in different ways.

What are the different reports available?

Total members

The first report gives you a view of the total members in your community and as a comparison metric, also shows how many members were there 30 days ago as well as 90 days ago, giving you an at-a-glance of members over 3 months.

Data of Active and Inactive members are visualized using a line or a bar graph, you can choose to view it in whichever way that's convenient. This data can be customized to see daily, weekly, or monthly active or inactive members.

New members

Gives you an overview of members who joined the community today as compared to the last 30 days.

You can see the average time taken to activate a member i.e. time taken for a member to interact in the community or post their first message.

This new member data is also visualized as a line or bar graph and can be seen as daily, weekly, or monthly data.

Top members

Get a list of the most active members in your community based on their Activity Score in the given time period.

You can also see which were the most active channels and the most discussed topics in the given time period.

Potential Champions

Gives you a list of recently joined community members who have been exceptionally active i.e members who joined in the last 60 days are sorted in the descending order of their Activity Score.

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