Understanding the community CRM and member engagement data

How to read Member engagement data and what each parameter means

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On the Members section of the dashboard, you can view all the members and their activity across all integrated community platforms. A scroll across gives you all the details of each member of your community -

  • Name: Displays the name of the member. Make a note that mail ids are not visible for Discord and Twitter members. Discord member mail ids can be viewed only if the emails have been verified by the members themselves.

  • Profile: the integrated community platforms the member is a part of.

  • Level: the level of engagement in the community.

  • Activity Score: a score that determines the engagement of a member in the community based on actions i.e. posting messages, replying, and reacting. Each of these actions has a custom weight which is used to calculate the final score.

  • Actions:

    • Send Message: select how would you like the message to be sent i.e. on which platform, type in your message, and send it.

    • Send Tokens: to personally give tokens to a member for any action they might have taken or performed and notify them.

    • Delete Member: if you want to remove the member from the community

  • Tags: displays the tags that have been assigned to those members.

  • Activity: depending on the platforms integrated, you will see columns that display the count of engagement activities performed by the member (e.g. Messages, Reactions, etc)

⚠️ Important: You can click on Options on the top right and Configure Levels to define custom levels for your community members. Both Levels and Scores are calculated using a Scoring system. To understand how it works, read this.

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